At Viaflex, specialization lies in offering custom solutions for a wide array of agricultural containment needs. From grain covers and silage covers to fumigation films and their unique line of specialized agricultural products, Viaflex is dedicated to providing tailored solutions that effectively address even the most challenging requirements.

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2 Gamma

All 2 Gamma films are designed with the goal of protecting your silage by preventing oxygen transpiration, the primary cause of product degradation. 2 Gamma oxygen barrier covers provide enhanced preservation of ensiled forage, reducing waste and guaranteeing higher product quality. This ultimately leads to improved well-being and productivity for your animals.

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Penergetic has been dedicated to driving positive change for people, animals, and the environment. With a focus on innovation, Penergetic has developed Penergetic Technology—an advanced solution enabling the efficient and optimal utilization of natural resources. Their sustainable and intelligent approach to agriculture harnesses the power of biostimulation, leading to enhanced productivity and environmental stewardship.

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