Our Goals and history

Business Goals 1. Serve and meet needs of customers to ensure customer satisfaction 2. Maximize customer profitability with a product that maximizes feed quality 3. Offer experience to provide best product for each unique business at a reasonable price History GVD Feed Covers is a family owned and operated company dedicated to providing the best […]

Rough Times

We pray that everyone here and worldwide will be safe. People help make this world go around. GVD Feed Covers believe the people aspect of this world is the number one importance. Be safe.

Who and Why of GVD Feed Covers

GVD Feed Covers is a small company dedicated to providing the best quality feed covers to producers of all sizes and types at an affordable price. GVD Feed Covers was started by our dairy farm, which provided feed covers to our neighbors, allowing everyone an opportunity to better pricing and the convenience of custom sizing. […]


GVD Feed Covers of Wisconsin is proud to be a supplier of Penergetic maure treatment. We will be carrying other products at a later date. We found this product to be most effective with no added bacteria or enzymes. Grand View Dairy Farm has been using for 2 years. Fall pumping of 13 million gallons […]

Quality Feed/Bunker covers

GVD Feed Covers has been in business since 2009 in Wisconsin. Currently serving all of Midwest states. Our focus is high quality plastic thru Raven Engineered Films and Passion AG Plastic. Combination of these suppliers and our farming history creates our superior service in Wisconsin and other Midwest states. Top oxygen barrier protection bunker covers […]

Introducing Passion Ag

GVD Feed Covers continues to carry high quality covers at cost effective prices. Introducing Passion Ag to our line up. This products comes to us from the previous co owner of Silo Stop. Passion Yellow: 1.8 mil oxygen barrier with cling factor. Same formula as orange but more oxygen protection. Passion Black & White: 5 […]

Special news!!!!

GVD Feed Covers always carries high quality feed covers/bunker plastic but our second objective is cost to the producers. Therefore Raven has reduced there prices and we are passing along the savings  

All silage/feed covers are not the same

Preventing the flow of oxygen into the silage is important because oxygen increases dry matter (DM) loss, increases the number of yeasts and molds (and the possibility of mycotoxins) and allows the growth of undesirable aerobic bacteria. The goal should be to prevent as much oxygen from getting in the silage as possible during the […]