Our silage covers are designed with the end user in mind to provide the most value for your dollar. Raven FeedFresh® and SealFresh™ oxygen barrier silage covers are manufactured with premium grade resins to provide the strongest, most tear resistant silage covers available. Raven manufacturers three silage cover solutions to optimally meet customers’ performance needs: premium FeedFresh® reinforced oxygen barrier (1-step install); SealFresh non-reinforced oxygen barrier (2-step system); and FeedPro-G™ non-reinforced economy (1-step install) cover.

Industry leading barrier technology makes FeedFresh® and SealFresh™ oxygen-barriers the covers-of-choice for maximum forage freshness. Raven FeedPro-G™ non-reinforced black/white silage cover is our third option providing extra large sizes at an economical price point by integrating recycled resin in the core.

FeedFresh® (1-Step Cover) - String-Reinforced 7 mil Oxygen Barrier Silage Cover.

  • Superior Tear and Puncture Resistance
  • Lowest OTR on the market at 0.98 CC/M²/DAY
  • 18-Month Outdoor Longevity

SealFresh™ (2-Step Cover System) - Step #1 - Non-reinforced 2 mil Clear Oxygen Multi-Layer Barrier. Step #2 – Dura♦Skrim® 6 mil black/white string-reinforced outer cover.

  • High Strength & Puncture Resistance
  • Lowest 2-Step OTR at 1.6 CC/M²/DAY
  • Accordion-Folded for Quick Deployment

FeedPro-G™ Silage Cover - Tri-layer 5 mil film with premium grade outer layers and recycled resins in the core.

  • Extra Large Tarp Sizes Available
  • High Tear and Puncture Strength
  • Blocks Light Transmission