Dura-Skrim R6WBK

DURA♦SKRIM® 6BB, 6WB & 6WW are economical, reinforced films designed for applications requiring puncture resistance and high tear strengths. A heavyduty scrim reinforcement, laminated between two layers of high-strength polyethylene film, results in a material that resists punctures and immediately stops tears. The addition of carbon black and ultra violet inhibitors to DURA♦SKRIM® 6BB, 6WB and 6WW, respectively, increases outdoor longevity. DURA♦SKRIM® 6 is the first choice for applications requiring greater performance than common 6 and 10 mil plastic sheeting.

DURA♦SKRIM® 6BB, 6WB & 6WW are used in short to mid-term applications requiring a light weight, tear-resistant, reinforced film. The white side of DURA♦SKRIM® 6WB and 6WW are excellent choices for covering applications that require minimal heat build up and condensation.

DURA♦SKRIM® 6BB, 6WB & 6WW are available in a variety of widths and lengths. Panel sizes up to 100,000 square feet are available. All panels are accordion folded and tightly rolled on a heavy-duty core for ease of handling and time-saving installation.