Who and Why of GVD Feed Covers

GVD Feed Covers is a small company dedicated to providing the best quality feed covers to producers of all sizes and types at an affordable price. GVD Feed Covers was started by our dairy farm, which provided feed covers to our neighbors, allowing everyone an opportunity to better pricing and the convenience of custom sizing.
In 2007, we began covering silage piles with Raven’s FeedFresh product. The results were outstanding. In 2009, GVD Feed Covers was formed to help spread the excellent results we experienced and to provide the covers locally throughout Wisconsin.
Today, we offer a wide variety of silage covers to our customers. In the Raven lineup, we offer FeedFresh, SealFresh, Duraskrim, Protector, and FeedPro. In the Passion Ag lineup, we offer Passion Yellow, and Passion Black and White. This variety of products allows us to accomplish one of our goals, which is to best serve and meet the needs of our customers by offering a varied range of thicknesses, sizes, strength of plastic, and oxygen barriers.
Recently, we have decided to venture into another product line that can potentially help with the profitability of the farming sector. Penergetic has a line of products that vary from manure additives, soil conditioners, and crop production stimulant (foliar feeding). With this new product line, we are able to better achieve yet another goal that we have established, which is to help the profitability of our customers. These new products look to improve the absorption of nutrients by the crops, leading to better feed that is available to the animals and ultimately a better return to the farm.
Each of the products we provide have been used on our own dairy farm, giving us the opportunity give our customers a true life story of how the products have measured up to the claims of the manufacturer. We are proud and honored to have partnered with our customers and look forward to continuing this relationship.
Fast and efficient delivery, reliable and dependable products, and competitive pricing all help to make good quality feed. Because “Good feed doesn’t just happen, It’s planned!”