Who is GVD Feed Covers

When I say we live the same lives as our customers, we do.
That is a positive for the end user.

GVD Feed Covers is a small company dedicated to providing the best quality feed covers to producers of all sizes and types at an affordable price. GVD Feed Covers was started by our dairy farm which provided feed covers to our neighbors allowing everyone a better pricing and the convenience of custom sizing.

In 2007 we began covering silage piles with FeedFresh. The results were outstanding. In 2009 GVD Feed Covers was formed to help spread the excellent results we experienced and to provide the covers locally and throughout Wisconsin. As of today, we provide covers to many other states.

Through our extensive research and trials, Raven Industries was the only company to provide the highest quality all-in-one feed cover, FeedFresh, which incorporated exceptional strength and an oxygen barrier. Over the years, we were able to meet most of the producer’s needs through custom sizing of the feed covers, almost eliminating all cut-off feed cover waste. We currently stock 4 different types of feed covers and many different sizes since each producer’s needs are unique, and one size doesn’t fit all.

But most importantly, we provide information to help each producer achieve the best possible feed. Because good feed doesn’t just happen, its PLANNED.